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I am a freelance photographer, working to combine my love for art, nature, travel, the environment, adventure sports, and commercial photography. I feel fortunate to have a wide range of interests that drive me to explore the world in different ways. It is this continued exploration that keeps me motivated and coming back for more. I am truly excited to bring my perspective to the photography world. After all, we always create our best work when doing the things we are most passionate about!


Born in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina, I was raised with a true love for all living things. I discovered the camera at the young age of thirteen but it wasn't until college that I learned the skills I needed to become a professional photographer. After graduating with a BA in Industrial technology, I worked for several years as a commercial green building consultant. At the height of my career I realized where my true passion was rooted and decided to bring my creative focus back to photography. I have always felt driven to capture my experiences but after moving to Seattle, Washington in 2008 my passion for photography developed into a permanent way of life. For me, it’s not simply about wanderlust, it’s more about having the freedom to express myself. Whether it’s exploring new places, creating images intended to evoke an emotional response, or working through my own emotions, my way of self expression is through the lens! 

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